In-Home Sessions

If you've ever had a studio photo session before, you'd probably know that it can be quite posed and structured (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!). A lifestyle session is completely different - I aim to capture your family in a very natural and authentic way, with very little structured posing. 

Although my studio newborn sessions are very relaxed and not heavily posed, in-home sessions are even less so - I don't even need to touch you or your baby at all (but let's be honest, I will probably try and steal some newborn cuddles anyway!).

"But I'm so awkward and I won't know what to do or where to look!"  Don't worry, I totally understand! I'm not going to just throw you in the deep end and expect that you'll know exactly what to do. I will give gentle guidance and make sure you still pose in a comfortable and flattering way - but the main thing I'm looking for, is your family connection. You don't need to look at the camera unless prompted. I want you to look at each other/your new baby, touch your baby, kiss your partner and kids, interact with each other, and love each other. Essentially, try to pretend I'm not even there!

One of the best things about an in-home lifestyle session, is that there is no age limit for baby. Although I can come as soon as you like after baby is born, these sessions can actually be done up to twelve months of age.

Are you interested in booking your own in-home lifestyle session? Contact me to find out more information (just make sure you mention "in-home lifestyle newborn" in your message).