Please come prepared - squeaky toys for baby, a change of clothes, favourite snacks, etc. I don’t structure the shoot too seriously, so hopefully it will feel like more of a play-date than a posed photoshoot.

Don’t stress if your child is shy or in a bad mood. I’ve never yet had a session end without capturing at least one happy smile! Toddlers generally tend to lose interest in having their photo taken after the first 5-10 minutes. Because of this, I try to work quickly, getting an awesome family shot first and then move to individual photos with the child/ren. After this, we move locations and/or vary the poses up a bit. 
I will rely on you to know what your child thinks is funny and guaranteed to make them smile. Don't feel that you need to hold them in a posed position all the time - play and interact with your child while I photograph. They are often the best images!