Cody + Harlen | Brisbane baby photographer

Meet this gorgeous duo - Cody and Harlen! These boys are 11 weeks old and already full of personality. Although we didn't have the smoothest photo session - there weren't many moments where both the boys were happy at the same time - we still managed to capture these beautiful images, and lots of smiles, too! 

Even though it comes with a bit more work, I absolutely adore working with twins. And my hat goes off to any parents of multiples - the little glimpse I get into your life is quite full-on, so I can only imagine what it's like to do it 24/7.

Congratulations to parents Janet and Jeremy for already surviving the first 3 months of what I'm sure was no walk in the park - and wishing them all the best for the many amazing years ahead! What a beautiful little family they have made.

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