George | Brisbane newborn photographer

 This morning I met sweet little George. At 14 days new, George absolutely loves a snuggle and doesn't appreciate being put down! Big sister Charlie already knows how to be very gentle and loving to her new baby brother, although a bit reluctant to show me that for photos today haha. 

As I always say to parents of two children, the whole newborn experience is SO much different with the second baby compared to the first. Instead of being able to feed and tend to your newborn without the interruption of any other major responsibility, having a toddler as well makes that almost impossible. Especially once the other parent returns to work - you're well and truly thrown into the deep end! At the end of the day though, nothing beats seeing the sibling bond grow and evolve over the months/years (at least until they are old enough to fight each other - that's a whole different story haha). 

Baby George is just perfection and it looks like he might take more after Dad than Mum (big sister Charlie is so much like her beautiful Mum). It's always nice to have one of each!

Newborn photos are best done while your baby is still small and sleepy, usually under 3 weeks of age. It is essential to book while still pregnant. If you'd like any more information on my newborn sessions, please contact me and I'll be in touch.

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