Megan | Brisbane maternity photographer

 Expecting your first child is such an exciting time for a couple. Even though there are so many changes, worries and planning, everything seems to come together at the end and instinct takes over. It's amazing how something so natural can feel like such a foreign concept - I remember leaving the hospital after birthing my first babe and feeling like somebody should step in and stop me - because I had no idea how to be a parent! However as I said, instinct kicks in at some point and before you know it, weeks, months, years pass and you can't believe how quickly the time has gone. 

Wishing Megan and Luke all the very best for the imminent arrival of their first beautiful babe.

Maternity sessions are best booked for between approx. 32-36 weeks, depending on your health and the size of your belly. I also have a special offer for both maternity and newborn sessions booked together - contact me to find out more!

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