Penelope | Brisbane newborn photographer

 Another gorgeous newborn session today - this time with Penelope, 14 days. What a perfect addition to this beautiful little family! Big brother Theodore absolutely did not want to participate in photos today - two can be quite a tricky age for children, particularly when their life has been turned upside down with the addition of a new baby. 

Parents are often a bit frazzled - you're sore, sleep deprived and just want everything to go perfectly... then enter the toddler tantrums and defiance! I've lived through it three times with my own children, and have so much patience and experience working with many unwilling toddlers over the years. In the end, we always come away with some beautiful images that don't even hint at the efforts we go to behind the scenes ;) 

Newborn photos are best done while your baby is still small and sleepy, usually under 3 weeks of age. It is essential to book while still pregnant. If you'd like any more information on my newborn sessions, please contact me and I'll be in touch.

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