Poppy | Brisbane maternity photographer

Pregnancy can be rough. Feeling sick, unable to eat certain foods, stretch marks, swollen feet, heartburn. So much changes with your body - and although it's for the best reason in the world - it doesn't mean that it's easy to deal with. And then there is the pressure to have that "glow" - which doesn't necessarily come naturally to us all!

Sometimes, the last thing you want is photos of yourself in this moment. And I totally get it. I was lucky enough that with all three of my pregnancies, I felt pretty good. But catch me at the wrong angle with a camera, and I was horrified at the changed woman I saw.

Lucky for my clients, I know all the best angles and lighting tricks to make you look amazing. With very little effort on your part! Just like Poppy below. At almost 37 weeks, she feels less than amazing and wasn't totally confident in the idea of having her photos taken (even though it was all her idea to book!). But look how fantastic they turned out - definitely worth it all!

Maternity sessions are best booked for between approx. 32-36 weeks, depending on your health and the size of your belly. I also have a special offer for both maternity and newborn sessions booked together - contact me to find out more!