Amelia | Brisbane newborn photographer

Welcoming a second baby to the family is such a different experience compared to the first, especially when there are only a couple of years (or less!) between them. Instead of rest, newborn nap times are spent playing/feeding/entertaining/cleaning up after the older child. Instead of spending sometimes hour-long feeding sessions alone with your new baby in a dark, quiet nursery recliner, you're often keeping a toddler out of trouble while also making their lunch one-handed while also trying to keep your newborn latched. Second babies are left to cry that little bit longer while you safely get the toddler out of their evening bath and dried so their bedtime is not too late. You really appreciate the miracle of all children napping simultaneously and absolutely make no sudden movements - or even dare to sneeze - in an effort to make that miracle last as long as possible.

But having said all of that, it is all absolutely worth it. It's the most amazing experience to watch your first-born meet and grow love for their new baby sibling. Suddenly, your tiny first-born seems like a giant compared to your newborn. They seem to grow up so much faster in those first few months after bringing home a newborn. And the bond between siblings is just the most wonderful thing to see grow.

Today I had baby Amelia in the studio for her newborn photos. While we started the session with her wide awake (and HUNGRY!), being cuddled in the family photos soon put her to sleep and she was so calm and relaxed for the remainder of the session. Big sister Abigail is just in love with her new baby, and I'm sure they will grow to be the best of friends.

Newborn photos are best done while your baby is still small and sleepy, usually under 3 weeks of age. It is essential to book while still pregnant. If you'd like any more information on my newborn sessions, please contact me and I'll be in touch.