Easton | Brisbane newborn photographer

This lovely little soul had newborn photos this morning, so tiny and relaxed! He barely made a peep, and just loved squishing up for cuddles with his beautiful mum and dad. Meet Easton, at ten days...

Remi | Brisbane newborn photographer

Sweet little Remi, at just ten days of age, was a perfect little model for her newborn photos this morning! There will be so many beautiful images in her gallery, with natural posing and simple set ups - this combination always makes for the most emotive images. Congratulations to Ashleigh and Luke on the safe arrival of their second sweet daughter, Remi - isn't that the most adorable little name!

Riley | Brisbane baby photographer

I was so excited to have Riley back in the studio today for his 6 month session. I had previously seen this beautiful family for maternity and newborn photos, so it was really lovely to catch up with them again and see how Riley has grown! He still has that gorgeous head of hair, and full squishy cheeks!

Scarlett | Brisbane newborn photographer

Beautiful baby Scarlett, at just 12 days old, was so tiny and perfect. I'd met her lovely parents Sheree and Matt for their maternity session a few weeks ago, and was so delighted to see them back today with their new little girl. Scarlett has the most beautiful full eyelashes, softest skin, and long little toes - and so peaceful and alert (when she wasn't suffering with some painful wind and milk regurgitation - poor little love!)

Hudson | Brisbane newborn photographer

I love watching children interact with their new baby siblings when they come into my studio for photos. Sweet little Annalise was no exception with her new brother Hudson, and took her big sister duties very seriously! She was such a little mother hen, it was so adorable to watch. Sibling photos really are the most treasured by many parents - I know it was the first thing I wanted to do when I arrived back home after having my second and third babies! It's just the start of a lifelong bond ♥