Emerson | Brisbane newborn photographer

Beautiful Emerson, 12 days, came for her newborn photos this morning, with her perfect skin and chubby cheeks. Congratulations to Kurt and Hayley!

Morgan | Brisbane newborn photographer

Morgan, 10 days, was welcomed into the studio this morning. He was such a sweet, cuddly little baby, and put in a fantastic effort despite only really wanting to feed or cuddle. Congratulations to Clare and Lee on your beautiful baby boy!

PS I'd like to think that Morgan's parents named him after their most awesome newborn photographer ;)

Corey | Brisbane newborn photographer

Corey, 11 days, believes that sleep is for the weak. I think he slept for approximately 2 minutes out of his 3 hour session today! Lucky he was SO incredibly adorable, and gave me lots of sweet newborn cuddles, I didn't mind at all!

Levi | Brisbane baby photographer

This morning I met handsome little Levi, at 12 weeks old. He was full of smiles to begin with, however they quickly wore off and we were left with a very serious and sometimes cranky boy! Still extremely adorable though, with such beautiful big eyes and sweet little pout. He made me laugh!