Tyler | Brisbane family photographer

This afternoon I caught up with baby Tyler, now 6 months old. I first met Tyler at his newborn session earlier this year - I'm very glad to say today's session was much easier! Lots of cheeky grins and adorable facial expressions, Tyler is such a little charmer already!

Isabella | Brisbane baby photographer

I had such a lovely morning catching up with beautiful Isabella, now nearly 8 months old! You might remember her newborn session from earlier this year. Now looking so grown up, and with SO much beautiful hair, she is full of smiles and squeals and giggles. It was a pleasure!

Zara | Brisbane newborn photographer

This morning I met beautiful Zara, born just five days ago. We got off to a wonderful start - straight to sleep, with lots of sneaky little smiles - until it was time to change positions! For the next 3 hours, little Zara fought sleep like you wouldn't imagine. Luckily I was still able to capture lots of beautiful images - you'd never know the struggle we went through!

Elijah | Brisbane baby photographer

I first met this gorgeous little boy at his newborn session, so tiny and perfect (see here for those images). Now he is nearly 8 months old, so cheeky and playful! We spent a lovely session together, chatting and laughing - so cute!!

Kirsten | Brisbane maternity photographer

Once again this week I ventured out to Redcliffe, this time to the beach, to photograph beautiful Kirsten at 36 weeks pregnant. Already a mummy to a gorgeous boy and girl, Kirsten and Dean are expecting their third little baby in the next few weeks.

All the best for the rest of your pregnancy journey Kirsten - I can't wait to meet baby #3!!

Carli | Brisbane maternity photographer

I spent this afternoon with gorgeous Carli, 34 weeks pregnant with her first baby, who I can't wait to meet in just a few short weeks for her newborn session!